Sunday, December 4, 2011

Trash calendar - no 4: How many vases does a girl need?

Apparently a lot!
I have an extensive collection of vases (oh wow sounded grand - but it's not) but they don't dominate the interiors of the house. They sit on a shelf on the uppermost part of a wall and I use them for decorating in the living room and sometimes to keep flowers in.
Other than that they're not a big deal.
But they're very symbolic to the the rest of the stuff in the house:
there's way too much of it and there's really no point in keeping it all.

Now I've sorted through the vases in order to minimize the collection and  I thought I would rid myself of quite a few (the new efficient, rational me and so on),
but the result was dissapponting.

This is what I had.

This is what I could bring myself to trash.
It'll hardly fill up the fourth bag.

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  1. Jeg synes du er kjempeflink, jeg. Selv om posene ikke blir sprengfulle hver dag får du jo ryddet unna masse. I dag skal jeg ha en clear out også. Keep up the good work!