Friday, December 2, 2011

Trash calendar - no 2

Today I've sorted and trashed in the  candles-, candle holders- and napkins department.

I keep these things in the left cupboard of the living room sideboard.
But since the cupboard got full I've been placing candlestuff and napkins randomly all over the house.


I collected the items from various places around the house and sorted through them.
I'm only supposed to keep what we need, love and use.
And it has to fit into the cupboard.

And so I have an organized candle-, candle holder- and napkin cupboard.

And I've lost the second bag of trash!

And I'm apparently a bit too keen on trashing these days, cause unintentionally I've managed to delete the better part of the photos from the first couple of months of my blogging.
Silly me!

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  1. Since this is for your english too ;) :

    I like it tidy too :) And it is too easy to buy stuff, store them, forget them, buy more stuff, store them and so on.. I had a lot of candles in my bench and on my bench, now I have sorted them, and hopefully get to use them, before I buy new ones.... ;)