Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Finally finished

Dreaming, planning and (sometimes) starting - those are my strong points. Finishing - not so much:)
So when something's finally finished it's worth a post.
I've been planning /wanting to make a bunting for some years now. I bought the fabrics about a year ago and cut the pieces last autumn. And now finally I've sewn the pieces together and it's finished. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Tape and spy

I just wanted to show off my  new (my first ever)  rolls of washi tape. 
They're so cool. 

But I wonder what my neighbours think of me? ;)

You see,
 to get the ligh from the last rays of sunshine I placed the tapes on the window sill to photograph. 
Through that window I can see my neighbour's garden - which is nice- but also their house - which is also nice, but has a colour that usually don't go well with my pictures. 

So what I did was I lowered the blinds to cover the view of the house but left a gap to show the garden - and it made the perfect background for my shots. 
And in that gap I poked the nose of my camera- shooting  the tape in every possible angle. 

I really hope the neighbours didn't see me, 
and if they did, 
they probably think I'm a spy:)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Flooral pillows

Before Christmas we made a reading nook in my daughter's room using a guest duvet as a floor pillow. But it didn't get much used; the shape was all wrong and much too narrow. 

Instead I made covers measuring 75 x 75 cm (fitting perfectly for a duvet),  I remade the one cover  and made a second cover as well. 
These giant pillows were an instant hit and very popular for the young one when watching TV. 
Eventually they're going back to her room, but for now they're staying in the living room.

Oh, and I know flooral isn't a real word and that I know English too poorly to try to make up words
but I just I couldn't  resist this:)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Family portraits

We don't have a mantle piece for our family portraits.
 Maybe that's why we don't have any on display? :)

But if we should choose to, I've now prepared a book shelf cleared of books
 but with room for lots of picture frames. 
It would make the perfect place!

I've collected these vintage frames and not known what to display in them or where. 
Now I've found some scraps of fabrics and retro design paper and they make quite a cheerful lot. 

While I was at it I rearranged the other shelves as well. 

Love these wooden bowls. 
Love this colour. 

My daughter says thank you for all your nice comments on her pillows,
 -  she's so happy and grateful!

And it's already Friday again.
Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Green at home

Found a super tip on the beautiful  blog Trådsnella to keep tulips in very low water to make them last longer. But remember to refill at least twice a day. 

After many years with  hardly any house plants I now have a growing collection. 
I'll try my best to make them last for more than a couple of weeks:)

And in the kitchen window I have these  while waiting to be planted. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

All kinds of colours

Then it was time.
For the black & white plastic living room- rug  to go.
The state of it was awful, even dangerous.

I've been trying to get hold of a similar black & white rug, only more durable, but haven't been able to yet.
So annoying!
Instead I got this colourful rug as a temporary solution.

I just love all the happy colours in it:)
And the white!
Wonder how long it will resist our ketchup stains and shoe prints ??
Anyways I'm happy.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pillow production

It's been a very productive day. My daughter wanted to make pillows - and she did.
She's  not like me, who plan for ages and then get nothing done anyway.

No, she just starts!
She decides on the fabrics she wants, cuts it, sew, stuffs and closes.
And voila!
Pillows finished!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Warming flowers

With weather as bad as today (windy and rainy) it's nice to cover the ears when outside.
So I've made my first headband ever, crocheted and decorated with flowers.

Simple, fast, decorative and warm.
This first one was for my daughter, but I'll hope I'll finish one for myself as well

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Today we have feasted on buns with whipped cream and strawberries:)
I don't know (and didn't find) a translation for Fastelavenssøndag into English, but today is the day for having buns with whipped cream.
I even had cream in my coffee -
 but (luckily) that's not for me -
I'll think I'll just stick to my usual black coffee

Anyway - not a day for counting calories.

We used the recipe for the World's best buns from the blog Dagdrømmeren 
- they were oh, so yummy:)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Dots and plans

I've bought some new fabrics
and I have plans to make something.
Haven't quite decided on what yet.
In the meantime the fabrics rest on the back of the chairs,
and ironed
and looking pretty
and make me dream of all the things
I could make of it.

Update: Oh, and I forgot to mention;  all the fabrics are from Stoff og stil.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A lovely combination

A favourite mix of colours these days is a light blue with lilac.

My daughter gave me these bowls for Mother's day last Sunday.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A hasty afternoon

Wednesdays have the busiest scedule of our week
with my daughter  having two after school activities that I take her to.
They are somewhat badly coordinated so we're rushing to and fro all afternoon.
 When we get home from school/work there is just enough time to have a quick something-to-eat and a last minute rehearsing the keyboard before we're off to piano practice. 
Next time we get home it's just in time for me to enjoy a cup of coffe in the sun (at least it was today) and for my daughter to catch up on her homework.
Then we rush off to my daughter's dancing class.
And while she is dancing I usually go for a very much needed brisk walk.
It's a busy afternoon but still it's so nice to be able to do these things.   

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cut by measurement

When doing my clear outs in December it turned out I had kept loads of old writing paper, some of it now more than twenty years old. I almost threw it out cause we don't use much of it nowadays. We have drawing paper and office paper, but not much need for paper with lines and squares.

Except for small notes for putting down to-do-lists, shopping lists and other stuff to remember.

So the other day I sat down with a pair of scissors and cut away until I had a nice little pile of new old note pads.



Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New favourite

I know I shouldn't have, but I brought this home from the charity shop. 
As soon as I spotted it I was sold.
Or rather - it got sold, to me.

This wooden candle holder.  
I love all it's ins and outs. The shape is perfect.

Another favourite that I've had a while is this little bowl from the Elvira series from Figgjo by the design of Turi Gramstad Oliver.

I love the bold black line in its decor.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy weekend clutter

Pictures from a Saturday morning:

My daughter is a heavy sleeper on schooldays, but come weekend she jumps out of bed bright n early!
I tend to sleep in, so unless she wakes me up, she's on her own for a while.

This shows how she has spent her morning;
Sitting on her blue chair by the coffe table, watching a movie or two and playing some music
- the discs are on the table.
She's helped herself to half a kiwifruit, eaten with style - plate and all :).
Played with a balloon - or rather she's probably danced with it - she always dances.
Rummaged the box where we keep birthday  and cake decorations and such - don't know if she found what she was looking for.

And Ellie, the rescue elephant, lying on the sofa, never far away these days.
(Ellie was donated in one of our before-Christmas clear outs, and taken to the charity shop.
But a couple of weeks ago my daughter confessed she missed it so
and regretted she had given it up
and really-really wanted it back
because it was a Valentine elephant.
So we went to the charity shop, luckily it was still there, 
and we bought it back :)

All this abandoned as-is, to come and have breakfast with me, and then run out to play with friends.

Now I'm sitting here, with my after breakfast coffee,
looking at this scene,

Sometimes clutter makes me so happy:)

Friday, February 3, 2012


We've been getting continously more gadgets in the house and with that more and more wires that constantly get mixed up.

I was tired of bringing the wrong charger for the cell phone on weekend trips.
Or pulling out the wires also for the TV and the DVD-player every time the channel box needed a restart, just because I didn't know which was which.

So I took out my Dymo and made labels for all the loose end wires

Confusion no more.

And it's Friday:)
Happy weekend!