Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy weekend clutter

Pictures from a Saturday morning:

My daughter is a heavy sleeper on schooldays, but come weekend she jumps out of bed bright n early!
I tend to sleep in, so unless she wakes me up, she's on her own for a while.

This shows how she has spent her morning;
Sitting on her blue chair by the coffe table, watching a movie or two and playing some music
- the discs are on the table.
She's helped herself to half a kiwifruit, eaten with style - plate and all :).
Played with a balloon - or rather she's probably danced with it - she always dances.
Rummaged the box where we keep birthday  and cake decorations and such - don't know if she found what she was looking for.

And Ellie, the rescue elephant, lying on the sofa, never far away these days.
(Ellie was donated in one of our before-Christmas clear outs, and taken to the charity shop.
But a couple of weeks ago my daughter confessed she missed it so
and regretted she had given it up
and really-really wanted it back
because it was a Valentine elephant.
So we went to the charity shop, luckily it was still there, 
and we bought it back :)

All this abandoned as-is, to come and have breakfast with me, and then run out to play with friends.

Now I'm sitting here, with my after breakfast coffee,
looking at this scene,

Sometimes clutter makes me so happy:)


  1. fOR ET SJARMERENDE INNLEGG, JEG LIKER DATTERN DIN SITT HEMMELIGE LIV! OBS caps. Koselig rot å våkne til, hun har jo virkelig kost seg, og bra dere fikk kjøpt tilbake elefanten :) God lørdag vidre!

  2. That IS happy clutter and it sounds like she has the perfect Saturday mornings.

  3. Takk for koselig kommentar på innlegget mitt fra gangen :)

    Du er dyktig, et bilde av tilfeldig rot - og du får det til å se så fresht og bra ut! Herlige farger!

    Ønsker dere en fin uke :)

  4. Sånn er lille frøken i hus her og. I hverdagen når hun skal på skolen, så vil hun sove leeenge. Men når lørdagen kommer - da skal hun opp. 6 helst! Merkelige greier det der.. :) Hehe. Genialt tips under her. Med labels på ledninger. Er et evig kaos her og med ledninger. Alt skulle vært trådløst. Hvor genialt hadde ikke det vært. Eller usynlige ledninger.. Hehe.

    Klem Lene