Monday, February 27, 2012

Tape and spy

I just wanted to show off my  new (my first ever)  rolls of washi tape. 
They're so cool. 

But I wonder what my neighbours think of me? ;)

You see,
 to get the ligh from the last rays of sunshine I placed the tapes on the window sill to photograph. 
Through that window I can see my neighbour's garden - which is nice- but also their house - which is also nice, but has a colour that usually don't go well with my pictures. 

So what I did was I lowered the blinds to cover the view of the house but left a gap to show the garden - and it made the perfect background for my shots. 
And in that gap I poked the nose of my camera- shooting  the tape in every possible angle. 

I really hope the neighbours didn't see me, 
and if they did, 
they probably think I'm a spy:)


  1. Nydelige bilder ble det i alle fall!! Hender jeg står og knipser ved vinduene også om det er riktig grått. Stakkars de som bor nedenfor her, hehe!!

  2. Herlig, tenk at taperuller kan være så fotogene;) Jeg tror at naboer til fotograferende bloggdamer er vant meg litt av hvert, og gjør seg vel noen tanker innimellom:)

  3. i love all your tapes!! fabulous blog ^_^