Sunday, February 26, 2012

Flooral pillows

Before Christmas we made a reading nook in my daughter's room using a guest duvet as a floor pillow. But it didn't get much used; the shape was all wrong and much too narrow. 

Instead I made covers measuring 75 x 75 cm (fitting perfectly for a duvet),  I remade the one cover  and made a second cover as well. 
These giant pillows were an instant hit and very popular for the young one when watching TV. 
Eventually they're going back to her room, but for now they're staying in the living room.

Oh, and I know flooral isn't a real word and that I know English too poorly to try to make up words
but I just I couldn't  resist this:)

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  1. Så flotte puter som matcher teppet ditt:) Fin uke til deg.