To do

List of to do's
(starting March 1st, 2012, Last update September 18, 2013)
There is a lot of things that need to be done around the house, inside and outside, small jobs and bigger. 
Now I've put it all together in this list and hopefully it'll help me get it all done. 
Preferably I'll use materials that I already have to finish these projects.
And finish projects that are already started before starting on new ones.
I'll update the list as I go along.

Living room
- bench: sort out top 7 Octobre-12
- picture ledge: put up-12
- curtains: shorten 30 July-12
- paint: trims: ceiling, door- and windowframes: 19 July-12,           
- shelves; wall by window: add some and fasten those that are already up
- long shelf ceiling; put up
- orange lamp; change plug
- TV; mount on wall
- sideboard: paint top
- sideboard: mount sides
- sideboard: put on knobs
- sideboard: sort out legs
- sideboard: screw together cupboards
- wires/cords/flexes: organize
- bench: skirting; add where missing, 
- bench: skirting: paint
- bench: drawer;  front needs some adjusting
- coffee table; paint
- dining table: paint?
- sofa: redress

- cleaning fridge 10 March-12

- paint: walls first wall 29 April-12, second wall 05 May-12.
- paint: trims; ceiling, floor,  window 
- shelves; put up on window wall?
- picture ledges; put up instead of excisting shelves?
- lighting; ceiling
- lighting: under wall cupboards
- lighting: in window?
- tidy cupboards
- clean oven
- planting

Downstairs hallway
- paint: walls
- paint: trims; ceiling, floor, door- and window frames
- paint: clothes rack
- paint: front door?
- change hooks for hanging clothes
- mirror; change
- lighting: ceiling      
Downstairs closet:
-sort out and tidy up
Stair case
- stair: thorough cleaning
- stair: paint?
- paint: walls 
- paint: trims; ceiling, windows, floor
- windows: cleaning
- window: cover up 
- lighting; change the excisting
Upstairs hallway
- paint: walls
- paint: trims; ceiling, floor
- lighting, change excisting
- bookshelves: change excisting                       
- mirror; put up one
Upstairs closet:
- sort out and tidy up

- paint: trims; ceiling, floor, window - & doorframes 21 July-12
- sevantskap
- lighting: ceiling: change excisting
- lighting; over the sink; put up new
- shelving; add some
- window: blinds; put up
- window: frosted cover up 
My daughter's room
 - curtains 30 July-12
- blinds 26 July-12
- whiteboard: mount 26 July-12
- paint: trims; ceiling, floor, window- and door frames 20 July-12
- paint; walls two walls finished 4 April, last two walls finished 29 April-12
- lighting; add to excisting
- tallerkenhylle
- bedhead; make
- matress cover; make
- guest matress: cover; make
My bedroom
- curtains 30 July-12
- blinds 2 July-12
- lighting; ceiling; change excisting
- lighting; wall; put up
- bed head; make

Driveway / front garden
- flower box, big; paint 24 May-12
- spring planting: flower box underneath kitchen window 18 March-12
- flower box big; tidy up 18 March-12
- skråning
- shrubbery: take care of
- shrubbery: add to excisting

- tidy up
- clear out
Garage closet
- tidy up

- tidy up in the rose bed 3 June-12
- tidy up the south west corner bed 30 May-12
- tidy up the south border bed 31 May-12
south-west flower bed: spring cleaning 28 May-12
- spring planting: potting Dahlias 26 March-12
- lawn: moss: get rid of
- paint: house; FINISH IT !
- windows: cleaning
- hedge: take care of excisting
- hedge; extend
- skråning
- terrace: cleaning
- terrace: oiling
- outdoor lighting: fix it
- garden furniture: paint / oil
- out door planting
- shed: build one?


  1. Wow - for en fantastisk liste! Sånn burde jeg/vi også lage.. Så greit å ha oversikten, og utrolig tifredsstillende å kunne stryke ut!

  2. Hi from Scotland! Absolutely love your blog, what a talented photographer! And what a lovely house!

    I had a quick favor to ask (sorry for posting publicly, I couldn't find any other way). I'm creating a website and brochure for a local charity that is starting up its own social enterprise service cleaning houses. They are looking for stock images, and instead of buying them off a commercial website, I fell in love with your photos and wondered if we could buy yours instead?! The charity doesn't have a huge budget, but it would be great to share your lovely photos with some of our clients in Scotland! Please get in touch with me at, I would really appreciate it!

    Thanks! James