Monday, December 31, 2012

Four Christmas trees

The tallest and slimmest tree we've ever had. Love the way my daughter decorated it.

Mini Christmas tree on the table. From Søstrene Grene.

Christmas tree made of Pantone colour sample postcards...

... and decorated with Christmas cards.

Washi tape Christmas tree on the fridge.

We've celebrated Christmas eve at our house with guests. For the first time. 
And it was the best Christmas ever.

The last day of 2012; best wishes for the new year! 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

About time

that I made a post again. 
I had these pictures from a few weeks ago that I've edited to give as much light as possible.
 These days there is so little light 

The last Dahlias from the garden. 
Loved them while they lasted, but of course they're long gone now.

The funny shaped turqoise glass vase is a second hand find.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Rufus rules

This one here is the reason I havent been doing much blogging lately. 
He is a four months old miniature dachs named Rufus. We got him a month ago and now he rules our lives (although we pretend to rule him:).
He's a cutie, isn't he?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Below zero

This weekend we had the first taste of winter, and as always we were not prepared;
not for the cold and not for the icey roads.
But the snow made us happy.

The linen sofa cover is starting to fall apart. While waiting to make new covers I've dressed the sofa in vintage blue and green fabrics.  

The Dahlias were still  budding outside when the season turned the cold side on them. 
These were rescued just in time. 
And right now nothing taste better than ginger bread and Christmas candy 
- no need to wait for Christmas. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Colour rediscovered

This autumn I've seen a lot in the colour red plum / burgundy around; in clothing and in interior decorating. 
It's not exactly a colour I've been a huge fan of these last ... say 29 years or so. 

But it's funny how quickly one gets used to new ideas, and now I would quite like 
a burgundy something around. 

Another colour I really fell for is this strange kind of green in this vintage dish from Figgjo.

And for once our dining room is freshly cleaned and tidy.
Love it!

What a great way to start the new week. 


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Graphic on the ledge

When I first saw this print by Kristina Dam I fell head over heels in love with it. 
And as soon as I knew where to buy it from I ordered it right away. 

This one is an A5 card that came in a set with two other fantastic designs. 
I'll show the others tomorrow.

I love the living room ledge; just a few changes and I had the perfect place for my new print. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bag it

My daughter needed a new overnight bag, so I decided to make one to get it just right.
It was essential to make one in a size that suited both grown up and kid, since I often carry her luggage. And it had to be big enough to not have to add another bag when packing for her overnight stays.

Long bag straps for my daughter to carry the bag across the neck, and for me to carry on one shoulder.

Black fabric with fun bird motif from IKEA
and  lining in a chequered multicoloured fabric from Stoff og Stil.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Autumn's delicious

Høsten har kommet og jeg har dilla på epler. 

De aller beste er de som ikke er helt modne ennå, veldige saftige, litt syrlige 
- men ikke så mye at det river i kjeven.
Dette er mine favorittepler; saftige og gode, men neppe fra norsk frukthage:)

Apples are my favourite autumn fruit.
The best ones are those that are barely ripe.
These are my favourite apples, juicy and tasty, although not from a Norwegian orchard:)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Moving up

Siden jeg malte stueveggene i oktober (tror jeg) i fjor har denne kulltegningen stått på lager på gulvet bak vedovnen i påvente av ny veggplass. Jeg hadde planer om å henge opp bildelister over lenestolene, bildelister ble kjøpt inn ca oktober og har dermed ventet like lenge på å bli satt opp. 

Since I painted the living room walls autumn last year, 
this charcoal drawing has been waiting for å new spot on the wall. 
I planned to mount a couple of picture ledges above the living room chairs, and although the ledges were also in waiting, it took me almost a year to get the job done.  

Helt utrolig, med tanke på at selve jobben tok mindre enn en halvtime bare jeg kom i gang. 
Jeg hadde planer om å sette opp to hyller, 
men på grunn av mangel skruer ble bare denne ene satt opp nå.
Men resultatet ble flott da, jeg er veldig fornøyd. 

Incredible, since in less than half an hour one of the ledges was up,
and I'm very pleased with the result.

Her kan jeg dekorere med bilder og vaser og lys og what not, og skifte ut når tid som helst. 
I dag satte jeg på en svart vase fra Søstrene Grene med en avlegger av Forsythia-busk som venter på å bli plantet ut. På den andre siden av bildet står min lille Omaggio-vase og et par svart og hvite telysholdere. 
Greit å være klar for talgelys-sesongen, nå som første høstmåned er i gang. 

Here I can decorate with pictures and flowers and candles and what nots, and change whenever I please. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to school

This week my daughter started school again - but it was her mum who got the first homework!
To bind her school books. 
Previous years my daughter's been supervising the binding but this time I did it all on my own, 

With brown paper, maskingtape and stickers I got to it. 
I hope she'll approve.

The magnet letters do not, of course, stick to paper and was all for the pictures. 

Inspiration found in the very inspiring blog of Stine Hoelgaard Johansen
For a How-to on binding books, see the super blog of Marie Friis.
Stickers and notebooks from Søstrene Grene
Magnet letters from Tiger

Thursday, August 16, 2012

ipod cover

My daughter had an ipod touch on her wish list for a year. 
So when she got one for her birthday earlier this summer it turned out she also needed 
a cover for her brand new ipod, 
and I made her the one in the picture above. 

Here's the material I used  for the cover.
She chose the colours for the yarn, the rest was up to me. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

But summer wasn't over

Had this looming feeling that summer would be over now that I started work again. 
Turned out I was soo wrong:)

These last couple of afternoons we've been relaxing on the terrace in a comfortable temperature and at times sunshine. 

We decorated the outdoor furniture to the best of our abilities and got out blankets and pillows to make it nice and comfortable. 

This beautiful quilted blanket is from the 1960's,
and although it has become a bit worn and torn over the years, the patterns and colours are still beautiful.