Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A hasty afternoon

Wednesdays have the busiest scedule of our week
with my daughter  having two after school activities that I take her to.
They are somewhat badly coordinated so we're rushing to and fro all afternoon.
 When we get home from school/work there is just enough time to have a quick something-to-eat and a last minute rehearsing the keyboard before we're off to piano practice. 
Next time we get home it's just in time for me to enjoy a cup of coffe in the sun (at least it was today) and for my daughter to catch up on her homework.
Then we rush off to my daughter's dancing class.
And while she is dancing I usually go for a very much needed brisk walk.
It's a busy afternoon but still it's so nice to be able to do these things.   


  1. Det hørtes ut som en travel ettermiddag, du er flink som gjennomfører!!

    1. He - he, det er jo ikke uoverkommelig mye og sikkert ikke mer enn hva mange familier har en vanlig ettermiddag, men jeg hadde det bare så i tankene når jeg skrev posten:)