Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Trash calendar - no 13: Pitch black

My Advent calendar:
I challenge myself to each day till Christmas fill a bag with stuff from our house and trash it,
either to the dustbin or recycling or charity, but it has to leave the house.

This weekend we had a trip to the charity shop to deliver some bags of our trash (only in the sense that we are not keeping it). And of course we couldn't leave until we've had a look around.
And I found two little treasures that came home with me. A small plate decorated by the Danish designer Bjørn Wiinblad, love the simple and playful line and that it's black and white. Also I found a very vintage game of Scrabble, some of the letters were missing but we could play nevertheless.

Now to the trash hunt for today's post I went to the garage.
Preferably the garage would shelter the car and nothing more. Not so in our garage! We can hardly squeeze the car in:) So for todays post I went searching in the dark for furniture and children's equipment that I had in store there and in the adjoining closet. For ages I've been meaning to prepare an ad - and now I finally have.

 Hopefully someone will come to my rescue and relieve me of my thirteenth pile of stuff.


  1. Julekalenderen din er en super idé, og veldig inspirerende. Jeg driver med litt av det samme selv, men ikke like systematisk dessverre. Lykke til videre med adventsryddingen, jeg følger iallfall med videre! :)

  2. Så trolig smart kalender! Godt å få plass til bilen i garasjen etterhvert.. :)

  3. Jeg digger denne kalenderen :) Jeg også driver på med denne type rydding, og jeg har allerede gitt bort mange, mange flytteesker med kjøkkenutstyr, klær, sko, belter, tepper osv. Men jeg har det med å ta litt mer skippertak, her går det 4-5 søppelsekker i slengen, også tar jeg det med ro en uke eller to.

    Jeg følger med videre; jeg er helt sikker på at du klarer noe hver dag frem til 24.12.