Saturday, December 17, 2011

Trash calendar - no 17: Clearing for crafting

My Advent calendar:
I challenge myself to each day till Christmas fill a bag with stuff from this house and trash it,
either to the dustbin or recycling or charity, but it has to leave the house.

Today I've been trash hunting in my crafting supply and I've cleared three shelves in the designated cabinet. The basket in the top shelf holds all kinds of crafting supplies just thrown in together. The two boxes to the left hold tapes and strings of all kinds. On the middle shelf I'm storing decorating papers of all kinds. The bottom shelf  in the picture is really an open space in the cabinet and so I've made a little still life on top of the cardboard drawer.

Before - trashed - after

So this is my pile of trash for no seventeen.

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  1. Fint lite stilleben, og gurimalla så flink du er som kjører dette ryddeopplegget desember gjennom. Ryddet her i dag og, men fortsatt ikke i mål ;)