Monday, December 19, 2011

Trash calendar - no 19: Easy decision

My Advent calendar:
I challenge myself to each day till Christmas fill a bag with stuff from this house and trash it,
either to the dustbin or recycling or charity, but it has to leave the house.

Just a few glimpses from around the living room:
The corner by the fire place has got a wall for Christmas cards.
My daughter brought home this cute singing angel that she made.
Fresh hyacinths. 
Candles lit .  

For my trash calendar I've dragged out some stuff from the upstairs closet which were left there the last time I clerared in it cause I couldn't make up my mind to toss them. 
Since then I haven't used these things for anything.

So now it was easy. 
To make up my mind to toss them, I mean. 
So easy I don't know why I didn't just do it right away:) 

This is my pile of trash for no nineteen. 

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