Friday, December 23, 2011

Trash calendar - no 23: Worth while

My Advent calendar:
I challenge myself to each day till Christmas fill a bag with stuff from this house and trash it,
either to the dustbin or recycling or charity, but it has to leave the house.

I claimed in an earlier trash calendar post that I had pride.
I was only joking:)

Here's all my trash for my Advent calendar 2011
And proud of it:)

With only one post left the trash calendar is coming to an end. Doing this has been a useful experience but I'm glad it will soon be over and I hope I won't ever have to do this again.  I never thought I would be showing off my trash like that - but it's such a relief to get rid of all this stuff.
Good riddance!

Thank you all for your sweet comments - they have been such a great help and inspiration:)
And I promise - tomorrow's calendar post will be completely trash-free.

Oh, and I forgot to mention; I cheated a bit today and let my regular household garbage make my bag of trash for no twenty three. 

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  1. Jeg har elsket denne kalenderen, helt fantastisk, godt jobbet! klapp deg selv på ryggen!