Saturday, October 22, 2011

Story of a blogname

The little girl looked up at the top of the two floor high house. She was astonished to see how impressive it looked.
It was her house - homy and comfy on the inside - yet so big and massive on the outside!

So when she was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up the little girl's answer came without hesitation and with no further ado:
-A high house!

People smiled at this, and wondered, and the mom was slightly worried...

As time passed the little girl's facination was drawn to other things.
Now she had moved her interest to the big box in the living room with
 the fun buttons, deep base and foreign voices
- the radio.

And it impressed her.

So one day the kitchen door flung open and the little girl came in. The mom looked up from what she was doing.
- Now I don't want to be a high house when I grow up any longer! the little girl announced.

-Oh, said the mom - intrigued; maybe there was hope for her little girl after all.
-What do you want to be then? she asked with raising expectations.

The prompt anwer from the little girl brought her right back again though:

- Now I want to be a radio!

I have linked up with the beautiful blog Mrs. Hardy who has got a challenge to tell the story of the blogname.


  1. Hihi! Utrolig bra. Liker bloggen din, fin og annerledes :)

  2. Jeg har faktisk lurt fælt på navnet ditt! Morsomt.

  3. Utrolig sjarmerende historie!!
    Og det første bildet var kjempefint!