Friday, October 7, 2011

Fabric decision

For a long time I've been meaning to sew new covers for the pillows on the dining room bench. 
I want to change the colour scheme to mostly black&white. 
I've been putting it off for a long time but now I've decided on the fabrics and that might be a good start.  

And also - yesterday my blog was featured in nib - Norwegian interior blogs, an incredibly inspirational blog. 
I'm so proud and thrilled.

And slightly shaken - to think that I so recklessly have showed off our clutter
and proudly presented newly filled bags of trash...
ah, well-well...

Thanks to the ladies at nib and to everyone who stopped by my blog and for all the sweet comments and to all who has joined as followers.
This is so much fun:)


  1. I can imagine that many bloggers have found their way to your blog via nib :) Like me :)

    I loved your blog right away, and I'm going to follow every update :)

    One question thogh: Do I have to comment in english, or can I comment in norwegian? :) That would be easier ;) wink wink :)

    Have a good weekend!!

    Best regards, Lilja :)

  2. Så koselig at du likte bloggen:) Det går helt fint å kommentere på norsk - det er mitt morsmål:)
    God helg til deg også!