Monday, October 10, 2011

On the landing - furry places part 1

It's funny how you can go completely blind at your own house. 
I have - and I'm amazed!

On the landing, just off the stairs, I've put up a bookshelf
- for books and stuff. 

And underneath it there is a not-yet-unpacked box from when we moved in and the old TV - placed there a couple of years ago just because they didn't have anywhere else to go at the moment, and ever since been invisible!

Until now. I took the box (with the I-don't-know-what's-in-it content) and the old TV and shoved them into the upstairs closet.
 The fire extinguisher was, in the heat of the moment, just moved to another corner of the upstairs hall (which is so not a brilliant solution, but at least then it wouldn't show in the pictures)

And when all was removed this revealed itself...

a really furry floor...

Got that cleaned up.

To fill the new empty space I found some stuff around the house that didn't have a proper home but at least a potential to be decorative: a pile of books left in the stairs, an old ceramic flower pot shoved in under the shoe cupboard in the downstairs hallway and a retro camera bag left behind the door in my bedroom.
A wooden box that was sitting in the garage.

It was full of wholes from wood worms eating away in the wood.
Before I took inside I knocked all this wooden dust out of it - the wood worms must have had a feast. 

Just right for a pile of books.

So much better meeting this when coming up the stairs. 

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  1. Jeg og kan bli helt blind på på unødvendige ting som har stått på sammested lenge. Det er noe jegdriver å tar tak i i høst! Lurt å gå utifra det man har og finne nye løsninger. Flott blogg du har forresten :)