Sunday, October 23, 2011

We ate it all

It's scary!
How fast time passes.
Just now it was Friday afternoon - start of the weekend,
and now it's suddenly Sunday evening
and weekend is over.

It's not all bad - every day life is good too.

It's just that I wonder
- where does time go?!

I had decided to do two things during the weekend:
1. to excercise and 2 to bake a chocolate cake.
And that if did the first
I could do the second .

I did both:)

Brought the cake on a family visit and we ate it all:)

Wish everybody a happy week!

1 comment:

  1. yum yum så godt ut!! Bakte sjokoladekake her i går også ;) Er ikke så mange kakeglade her i huset, men da blir det mer på meg, hihi..
    Tror det er noen arbeidere som kommer til å bli glad for rester også!

    Ønsker deg en fin fin mandag

    Klem Silje