Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pink garden

When I started out gardening four years ago I had an idea I wanted it white. This isn't exactly how it has turned out though.
Most of the flowering in the garden right now is pink.
Here is a Cosmos bipinnatus (in Norwegian also Pyntekorg).

Here is a Phlox Paniculata, it has just started to blossom. Planted last summer. 

Astilbe japonica, also planted last summer (or maybe the year before). By the size of it it looks like it was planted last year.
Our garden has to make do mostly on its own. I weed now and again, and mow the lawn, but that's about it. This year I haven't even given it fertilizer. No wonder growth is poor.

I've said it before; I think the New Dawn Roses are best plant in the garden. It's growing and blossoming from early july and through the summer almost entirely on its own. Planted during our first summer here.

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