Thursday, July 21, 2011

A hoarder? Me?

Well, if a hoarder is someone who acquires stuff that is not necessary or used or enjoyed to its or a purpose, then I have to admit I've had tendencies.
I enjoy shopping, but I see that once I've gotten things home I've tended to forget about them and just leave them somewhere to be clutter. 
And also I've had difficulties getting rid of stuff - cause it may come in handy and I've payed good money for it.
(Notice how I write about this in past tense) 

It's the mix, I think, of traditions from two generations. 
My parent's generation that never throws away anything (not at least, if it's whole or almost whole, or working or almost working), 
and my generation that has access to so much and can buy anything. 

It then follows that if you buy all kinds of stuff and never get rid of anything, eventually your space will be full, and chaos will follow in the house, as well as in the HEAD. 
The last few months when I've been working more determined to sort out and clean up our house, I can feel the side affect of it in my head - I have more space in my head, more space for happy and calm! 

Now, then, I was ready to purge the built-in-closet in the upstairs hall. It's not big but very full, and apart from a few things I didn't really know what it's contents were anymore.
I opened the door, switched on the light and it looked like this: 

I had to catch my breath.
I closed the door again and thought to myself I can't do it!
But I knew I had to. 
So I opened the door again and just plunged into it. Dragged out all kinds of stuff. Stuff I didn't need, stuff I didn't know I had. Almost suffocating in the dust that twirled up. 

I'm still not finished with it, but this is how much I've found till now that is leaving the house, either as trash or as donations. 
But I'm still not finished! Just needed a break. Many.

In those breaks I crocheted ferociously. 
I started on something that I hope will result in  a small blanket. I'll just crochet till the yarn is finished. 
And the closet, I hope.   

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