Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dining room bench

Our living room is also our dining room. It's quite small but still so shaped that we can have a fairly big dining table. Last year I built a bench of IKEA kitchen cabinets, an MDF on top and an adjusted skirting at the bottom instead of legs, I didn't want the bench to be too high. 

I upholstered the bench with pillows both for the seat and the back. I only used pillows I already had for this. 

I started making this bench last summer and it's been in use through the year, both for seating and for storing. 
But guess what - it's still not quite finished!

The last cabinet was added a little later than the rest and so it doesn't have neither top nor skirting. I haven't even put the cabinet door on, come to think of it!

Work that is left to do on it (apart from the issues of the last cabinet) is:
- painting the skirting
- painting or dressing the MDF top
- sew pillowcases for the seat pillows
- sew pillowcases for the back pillows
- put on handles (maybe)

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