Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Downstairs hallway

The hall is my least favorite room of the house. It's sooooo tiny, way too many doors, too dark and too edgy. It gives me a bad feeling to have to come into this room when I come home. 
Something has to be done. So I'd like to: 
- Put up different lighting in the ceiling
- Paint the door (black or white - haven't decided which yet)
- Paint the floor white
- Paint the walls white
- Paint the stairs white 
- Give it some round and soft forms - it is so square and edgy
- Tidy up and always keep it tidy!!!

 Standing in the doorway to the living room looking out. 
My daughter is sorting her collection of pebbles.

Looking through the front door towards the living room door. 
The downstairs hall measures only 3 m2 / 30 f2 and has got three doors and a staircase.
I quite like the doors by the way.

 The former owner had, for some unknown reason painted the hall in two different shades of pale. It's barely visible in this photo, but another reason why I'm not happy about the hall. 

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