Tuesday, July 12, 2011

After the party

On sunday we celebrated my daughter's birthday and we invited the entire family. Not all could come, so we were 18 people, ranging from 5 months to 79 years old and coming from four generations.
We had such a great time and are so happy they could come.
The birthday girl was so pleased; she got presents, we sang for her and she made a wish before she blew the candles.
My three year old nephew wanted to stay the night with us and so he stayed behind when the rest of the party left. What a sweet and tough little guy!
The party and the preparations were hectic on my part and I didn't get round to take any photos of the food or the decoration to show for it, except this photo of one of the table decorations, which is taken after the guests have left. 
It shows a wrinkled and crumbled table cloth, an empty water bottle and the games we brought out at the end of the party. 
I see no one remembered to light the candles!  

A happy day!

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