Friday, July 29, 2011

Clear out

I have plans for my daughter's room so I cleared it all out.

It started out like this however, quite a lot of stuff that I needed to move around. Some of her things and furniture I moved to my bedroom (which is a lot smaller than hers), some downstairs to the living room, some to the newly cleared out upstairs closet, some to the upstairs hallway and some to the bathroom!
Finally it was empty.
It's packed everywhere else, though!

The bookshelf on the floor was dismantled and taken downstairs to the living room. Now it's a great opportunity to sort through the books and all the boxes of papers.

This is about the amount of stuff  I got to get out of the house so as not having to store stuff in bags and boxes on the floors of various rooms. Doesn't necessarily have be this stuff, so I have to go through it all.
My goal is to have everything in a place of its own in a cupboard or closet.

This picture is from the upstairs hall. As one can tell it's extremely cramped right now, the big mattress taking up most of the space. The door behind the box and the mattress is leading to the closet and in it I keep the buckets. And of course, now I needed one!.
And if you are in need of doing some office work while using the bathroom, hey presto! here's a desk at your disposal!

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