Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kitchen - corner by corner

The kitchen in our house is just 6m2 / 65 ft2 and doesn't have much cabinet space
As in every other room I had too much stuff for the storage space available. In the kitchen it meant that much ended up in permanent storage on the kitchen counter.
These last two or three months I've tried to sort out our kitchen corner by corner, cabinet by cabinet. 

So today I sorted out the work space between the cooker and the fridge.
What a droll and grey corner - didn't think about it until I saw the pictures!
Hm, I have to figure out something to do about that.

I've kept the bread box on this counter and also a container for kitchen tools too big to fit in the drawer. 

There is no room for these in the cabinets, so they'll have to stay on the counter, but I've rearranged them somewhat to make the workspace bigger. 

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