Thursday, July 7, 2011

A peek in the bathroom

I haven't been tempted to show the bathroom before, but now I've given this room a little weed out as well.

I have a love / hate relationship to the bathroom; for instance, I love the big shower and floor heating, but I don't like the unfinished feeling of it, the big window and the lack of proper storage space and lamp above the mirror. (It's all on my list of to do's)

Despite my shop-stop I went and bought a few things to shine up the bathroom. I cleared out all the cans and bottles that were outdated or not likely to be used again.
I didn't manage to clear the top of the washer of necessities, but I did tidy it up a bit and make room for some decorating stuff.
Other points on my to do list for the bathroom:
-switch the existing sink with one with a cabinet
- put up shelving and cabinets on the wall
-paint the lister window, ceiling, door
- change blinds
- put up some artwork on the wall

1 comment:

  1. I really like those two baskets! I think your bathroom is cute.

    Oh, and I have underfloor heating too and it's so nice in the winter!