Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Late night garden

We went out late last evening to do some gardening. The light summer evenings make us forget the time. I had bought some plants earlier this summer and not gotten round to plant them. Now was the time to do that.
I planted a cosmos in a beautiful bright pink shade in the flower bed by the lilac tree in the south west corner of the garden. 
It's been sitting in a small can and was looking not so good. 
Hopefully it will improve now that it's in the soil.
Then we freshened the soil in the corner bed (south east corner) and planted four turfs of grass. 
We also have a turf of natural grass that has grown all on it's own and which we've left there because of it's freshness. Now my daughter's cut it back to the brown straws and it doesn't look so fresh. It'll grow back soon, though.

Some of the stauder didn't make it through the winter so it looks a little bare in the bed. 
The brown sticks at the bottom right is a hyasinth I thought hadn't made it, but there is a few green leaves growing.
Last summer I planted a hedge along some of my border. This is how far it's grown, which is not bad given how little I've tended to it. 
Still I'm going to cut it a little so the branches won't be thin and long but short and full.
Here is one of the newly planted turfs of grass next to the flox. 

Tomorrow there will be more from our garden. 

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