Sunday, May 29, 2011

Vase collection

For the last few years I've been collecting vases, not so much for the practical use of holding flowers, but for decoration purposes.
I thought I had a fairly together collection, but it turns out I've been just all over the place!
There are wooden, ceramics and glass vases, in pastels, bright and natural colours - all in one mix.
The funny thing is I'm always for the look out for vases in white glass or black ceramics, but I've hardly got any of those. 
Most often I've thrifted  vases in fleamarkets and charity shops and they were usually just packed away when brought to the house. Now I thought I'd put them together in a display, I had a meter of shelf in the kitchen that would work fine for that purpose. 
I've downsized the collection by a whole bag which go back to donation, and there are still some vases that are on the maybe list, but I have'nt decided yet if they can stay or have to go.
High up on the kitchen wall

Floating away on the glass shelf

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