Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday lists: Last weeks dinner and next weeks to-do

Dandelion - my favourite wild flower
To sum up the past week and plan the coming I'm making a couple of lists, one for dinner and one for next week's to-do. 

Dinner; problem find something healthy and tasty and fast and doable. 
I'm trying to improve but am not sure it's enough. Instead of  making a dinner plan of the week to come (and fail to follow it) I'll make a list over what we actually had for dinner each day. Hope this will inspire me to improve on dinner.

So this is last week's dinner list:
Sunday: Salmon, potatoes, vegetables (we were guests at my sister's)
Monday: Chinese restaurant
Tuesday: Pyttipanne - little bits of potatoes, ham, onion in a pan

Wednesday: Rice porridge - the healthy version with butter, sugar and cinnamon
Thursday: Boiled vegetables; potatoes, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower and kidney beans        and corn, and sausages.  
Friday: Pizza
Saturday: Pyttipanne - little bits of potatoes, ham, cheese in a pan 

For next week I've set myself the goal to execute this list of five things to do in the living room:
1. Remove the Easter holiday decoration (a bit overdue - I know).

2. Elevate the big map that's hanging on the wall to level the window. 
3. Put felt pads under the legs of the dining room chairs.
4. Paint first coat of the one remaining ceiling that's not been painted yet. 

 5. Change the plastic thingy in the ceiling with one that's not got a hole in it. 

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