Monday, May 2, 2011

Cutlery and utensils drawer

It's not exactly breathtaking but this is how it goes if I'm to sort this house out. 
So here is! My attention has now been drawn to this drawer  

 The drawer needed cleaning and tidying.

I removed all the content, gave the container a good clean and also cleaned all of content.

There was a difficult spot and I took some cooking oil on a tissue and the spot easily went away.

Before putting it back my daughter and I had some fun with laying out the utensils to be photographed. We tried to make them fit in an imagined, square frame while also considering form and colour, and when we were satisfied we took a picture of it. It's a captivating game!!

Everything back in the drawer again, now in a clean and tidy edition.
Nothing donated, tossed some measuring cups for medicine dosages.

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