Monday, May 16, 2011

Unexpected help

It's been just over a month since my first post on the blog. 
It's been fun and interesting. I'm surprised at my own eagerness and enthusiasm to achieve my goal of clearing the house. 
BUT - this last week has been a really low period. I haven't done much in the house nor garden. 
What I have done I haven't finished. 
Started copying pattern for å sewing project - not finished
By the way - my new sewing box
And whatever I did I almost never photographed. And if I did the pictures were usually too bad to be used in a post. 
And even if they turned out usable they were blogified and the space around so chaotic my heart sunk... 
And instead of getting stuff out of the house, I've brought more things inside...

 So I've realized that I've come nowhere and it's hopeless trying to sort out this house...

Then my daughter saves the day; she came home yesterday announcing: "Mom, I have something beautiful for you!" - and she presented me with this sunny bouquet of flowers.
Later she found these (and more) glossy coloured prints that I had when I was a girl and she put them up on the living room wall, declaring that this was exactly the kind of decorating the living room needed!

This really cheered me up and made me want to continue to try to get this house in order. So hopefully I'll be back very soon reporting on projects of clearing, tossing, organizing and decorating inside/outside our house. 

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