Monday, May 9, 2011

Kitchen shelf

In the kitchen there is a wall with open shelves. I've tried to make it a decorative storage space, but haven't been successful. Yesterday I had another go at it and it now looks so much better.
Before - the decoration looked like clutter
After - much more pleasing to the eye
 Remember the ceramic cans I bought? I wanted to keep cutlery in them (there's not room for everything in the kitchen drawer so these have been kept in a cupboard in the living room - but that was inconvinient). 

So now I have one can each for knives, forks and tablespoons, and I bought three more cans for teaspoons, coffee and chocolate.

I've labeled the cans according to content because I'm turning the cutlery upside down and then it will all look the same - well, apart from the teaspoons.  

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