Friday, April 29, 2011

Problem corner in the living room

Before - not a nice looking corner.
Our living room is really tiny and there's not much room for anything especially not clutter and mess. Still, the corner between the living room door and the fireplace has obviously been a place where we threw quite a few odds and ends together. Now all this was about to change. 
After - looking so much better. 

I removed the PC-bag and the children's chairs to better suited places, so also the rubber basket and the oven on wheels. What was left then were two baskets overcrowded with toys. 

Instead I wanted to keep games and DVDs here. There wasn't room for all of the games - some of them come in excessively big boxes, nor all of the DVD's. I put the baskets lying on the floor  with the openings turning towards the room. I placed the games in the bottom basket and the DVD's in the top one. The bag, the teddy bear and the boxes on the top is my attempt to style the place up a bit. Not my strongest side, but I think it turned out really nice. 

Now to the problem on the floor. My daughter and I went through this pile of toys together. We sorted them in keep, toss and donate. 
This pile is for keeping and gets to stay - for now. 

This stuff is donated out of the house.

Although the biggest pile was the keep pile, we managed to fill up a bag to donate and a bag to toss. Yey, two bags out of the house, double yey, because this is what it's really all about. 
A bag to toss - yey!

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