Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring garden

The garden needs some preparing to meet the spring and I did some of it today. 
Afterwards I took a walk in the garden (wow, sounds like it's a park - but it's tiny) and took some pictures to show springtime progression. Which, by the way, is very poor so far.

The New Dawn roses have received heavy cutting earlier years, but now I've learned that climbers don't like this, so this year I'll only cut the tips- and the brown parts.

The first slug of the year. I contribute to the reduction of their species by cutting them in half and dumping them on a destined spot.

The lawn has been very yellow-brownish all winter, but is finally getting its destined colour back - green. I raked and aired it - and look at the pile of dead grass I got. 

What are these buds. Could it be... Yes, I think it is! I planted a couple of hvitveiser last spring, but they died. So now I'm very surprised to see them growing again.                       

I've weeded the big corner bed, and the soil now looks dark and fresh.

By the front door I planted a petunia.
And on the terrace I planted some lilies.

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