Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Organizing under the kitchen sink

So now that the holiday is over it's time to get some serious work done, remember my scheme to get the house in order?
There's so much to do I hardly knew where to begin.
I decided to start in the kitchen.
I cleaned out the cupboard under the kitchen sink, it really needed an overhawl and a good cleaning. 
Empty and clean. I didn't take a before picture - it was too horrible.

This is what was in the cupboard.

This is what was put back into the cupboard:
-  two trash bins; one for organic / smelly trash and one for not organic / not smelly trash
- a stylish bouquet of dish brushes, 9 to be exactly. I'm not sure how many are necessary in a household, but apparently quite a few.
- cleaning products for the dishes / dish washer
- cleaning products for the stove and oven
- stash for the house plants; water can, shower bottle

This was relocated (to the cupborads in the downstairs hall or garage):
- two packages of plastic gloves
- two bottles of hand soap
- a bag with tree bottles of strong detergents
- extra parts to the dish washer

Nothing was tossed.

A stylish bouquet of dish brushes

So now it looks like this - not charming, but tidy and clean, and with only products I'll use.
It might leave a messy impression however because of all the colourful packaging. I prefer the original packaging - it makes it so much easier to find out what the various products are and what its contents are.

Not very classy with the plastic bags in the bins, but I truly didn't notice them when taking the picture. 

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