Friday, June 3, 2011

Capitulation of a project - and the enthusiastic start of a new

My daughter's bed in place

For months I've had an ongoing project of redecorating my daughter's room that also involved elevating her bed to make room for a play nook / guest bed (or matress) underneath.

I had elevated the bed and it remained to be build a small ladder and a bed fence. The tasks seemed unmanagable and I wanted to quit long ago, but my daughter was determined that she wanted this and I promised to try agian. But motivtion was low and progression slow.

It was as I was putting up the lamps in her room that I realized I would never make this work. My carpenter skills are too meagre to do this myself and as this was supposed to be a low budget project I didn't want to hire a professional carpenter.

So then what to do?

My longterm plan has been for me and my daughter to switch rooms, and instead of waiting for another 4-5 years I suggested we do it now. The change of plans was received with joy and starry eyes. After five minutes of viewing the rooms we started moving our stuff.
Cleared a corner for a new bed

It's going to be quite a lot of work - how can one move all the stuff from one full room to another full room  and vice versa when also all the rest of the house is full! 
Anyhow I can see the end of this project.

Still a long way to go but at least we have moved the beds into their new rooms.

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