Monday, June 6, 2011

Switching rooms

Our household consist of my daughter and me, and our little house has two bedrooms.
When we moved in four years ago I let my daughter have the minor room and kept the biggest for myself. Not because I wanted the space but because then my bedroom would also provide storage room for all the mess and clutter that didn't have anywhere else to go. 

Now that my daughter's almost seven, I see that she needs more space for herself and her friends.   

The fun part of this switch will be getting my daughter's room ready.
The difficult & challenging part will be getting my room in order.
Sorting, weeding, declutter, organizing...

I'm still moving furniture and things between our rooms
Today has been really hard work. I've moved a closet from one room to another - just me by myself. Didn't have the patience to wait for assistance. 
The closet was filled with stuff from top to bottom and I emptied the contents on the bed. Then put the closet on at rug and dragged it along.


At the doorway I had to lay it down on an angle to get it through. Not too difficult getting through the doorway from the big bedroom to the hallway, but it was really hard to get the closet from the hallway into the little bedroom and then in an upright position.
I managed it in the end - exhausted and a bit bruised and battered, but veeery pleased. 

Another corner of my daughter's new bedroom is ready for furnishings, the little table and paper rolls are just temporary.

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