Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 sum up

The most fun surprise of the year:) 

The fabulous blog Fabelaktig has got a challenge to show the best interior design photo. This picture (originally from this post) is my contribution. Go check out all the splendid contributions here.

I know this is a bit late but I thought I'd have a sum up of 2011.

I wonder, years from now (or at Easter time this year) when I'm trying to remember anything (blogwise / housewise)  from the year 2011 - will  it be that

- I started blogging : which has been so much fun, and time consuming, and really helped a lot in sorting out our house.
(So annoying that I, by accident, deleted most of the photos from the first couple of months of blogging, and that I've not taken the time to retrieve them!)
- we switched bedrooms : which was a very wise and happy decision for both my daughter and me
- painted the blue floor: no regrets there, only the colour turned out a little less turquoise than we wanted it
- made the garden shrubbery: which was really hard work! I do hope the shrubs make it through the winter - and the coming summer for that matter...
- painted the living room -all white, which I had really wanted to for a long time, but was afraid that if I started I wouldn't get it finished. But it worked out so well - love these soft matte white walls. The living room is done, but I still have more paint...
- redressed the dining room bench: which was another project that took forever from the start of planning till it was all finished. I quite like the result though.
- had a Trash Calendar all through Advent: which helped me to loose pile after pile of stuff we hardly knew we had, hardly ever or never used  and most probably will never miss at all.

Anyways this is my sum up of 2011.
And what is not mentioned is probably not worth remembering, and already forgotten:)


  1. Wow!Jeg er imponert! Lurt med en trash-kalender. Tenker jeg tar opp den tråden. :) Det trengs i alle fall litt sortering her. Ikke at det er så rotete, men jeg har bare litt mange ting... ;) Kjent sak for mange det.

    Håper du får et godt nyttår. Spennende å følge med på bloggen din!

    mvh Solrosa

  2. Hei på deg!
    Innmari, innmari koselig at du deltar i konkurransen hos meg :) Veldig stas!

    Nydelig bilde du deltar med.
    Husk å følge med, så du ser om du kommer med videre :)

    Fabelaktig onsdagskveld!