Thursday, September 15, 2011


In the north east corner of the garden, next to the hostas, I wanted to make a shrubbery.
I had five shrubs that needed a place to live, from the left; a dontknowwhat, a Juniperus medla (in Norwegian kinaeiner), a spirea, a symphoficarpus albus (in Norwegian snøballtre) and a rhododendron.

Symphoricarpus albus "White Hedge" (Hagesnøbær). Gives small pink flowers in June-July. White fruits the entire winter. Like it best in sun. Hight 1 m.

The spot I chose for the new shrubbery is just to the right of the hostas. 
The weeds had completely taken over this spot so it was quite a lot of work to prepare it for planting.

Here the weed has been cut back,  the bushes laid out to be planted and I am trying out various placements for them before deciding which goes where.

 Then it was time for digging;  all of the weed and quite a lot of smaller and bigger stones had to come up. The soil was compact and sandy and full of stones - I felt it took forever. 
I didn't do it all in one go - but divided it into three sessions with a couple of weeks in between. 
When planting I tried to make room for growth - particularly the rhododendron is supposed to grow a lot bigger. 
This meant the bushes are planted quite far apart, leaving this corner not at all as the luscious shrubbery I had imagined.  

For the open spaces I'll plant some tulips for the spring blossoming, here I've  laid out where I want them to go. 
Still left to do is tidy up in the shrubbery, remove a lot of the stones in the soil, and also make the borders     to the street and the neighbour better looking.  

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