Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A couple of minor jobs

Improvements have more or less come to a stand still here.
It's so much more important, interesting, fun to do other stuff. Time passes so quickly.
All he usual excuses.  
We've backlashed into old habits of dragging things out and not putting them back to where they are supposed to belong. And also bringing more stuff to the house and not removing anything. 

This weekend I had a couple of hours to do something I could tick off from my to do list and I decided to  paint the trim around the windows in my daughter's room.

For unknown reasons the trim around the windows and in the ceiling throughout the house have various finishings; some have been painted, some not, and some have been varnished.
When we moved in four years ago I planned painting these to be amongst the first tasks I'd deal with...

This room needs more than just a lick of paint on the trimmings...

Wish I had a before-picture, then this after-picture of the downstairs closet would make sense ; big improvements:)

Anyways... I cleared the desk of stuff and cleaned the trim with a damp cloth. I probably should have cleaned it properly but this will have to do. 

Went looking for paint - knew I had some in the downstairs closet. 
Which was full to the brim and paint nowhere to be seen.

I ended up dragging out half of the closet's content before getting to the paint.
Quite a job - but the good thing is that in the process I filled three bags of trash/recycling. 

I found two cans of white paint that might be suitable, one of which had a funny looking brownish topping - didn't go with that one, but opted for the fresher looking paint in the bigger can.  
The only brush I found was the one used for painting the blue floor. Hopefully I'd cleaned it well enough to be used in this white paint job.
Really bad planning this - I know.

Two trimmings on the sides freshly painted and the paint job itself took less then twenty minutes!

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