Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Holiday wrap up

Candles out for the holidays

Back to every day life today.
Christmas vacation is over. It has been a lovely couple of weeks.
We have really enjoyed this vacation both when at home and when visiting, alone or together.
Decoration for New Years Eve

Now it was time to wrap up the decoration for Christmas and NewYear.
The Christmas tree was barely holding together, the colour had become a trendy matte green, and the pins were dried up and bent.
It had served its time and yesterday I released it of duty,
along with the rest of the holiday decor.

Christmas 2011
I said in a previous post that I had these intentions for Christmas:
- make time and space for Christmas,
not just put it on top of everything else
- no style regime
(but if so - then my daughter's)
- have presents ready before December
 (yeah right!)
This is how it went:
I tried hard to make space (the trash calendar helped a lot), but as for making the time I can still improve
My daughter did a lot of the decorating initially, then lost interest. So other then keeping the decorating to a minimum there was no style regime.
And I got the last present ready on the day of Christmas Eve!

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  1. Liker så godt måten du skriver på! Og bildene :)

    Riktig godt nytt år til deg!!