Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Show us your TV

Not often I`m showing our TV, but here it is.
We used to have a small, square, thick, old fashioned 14" TV - which was OK.
It's just that for us to be able to see the screen it had to sit on a stool just next to the armchair. 
And so it occupied the entire space between the sofa group and the side board.
The purchase of a 32" flat TV was made as soon as the prices were a bit down.
The funny thing is that by getting a bigger TV the living room felt so much bigger as well.
This TV is just right for our small living room, big enough that we can see, but it doesn't dominate the room.

Just next to the living room entrance door, and sitting quite high on a tall side board. 
I love that it's so high up on the wall; 
then I can lie on the sofa and still be able to se the TV screen 
without the table blocking my view...:)

This is my contribution to the challenge Show us your TV over at nib

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