Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lingering on

Since I've not been an eager blogger before Christmas, I'll show some pictures from our Christmas decorated house now.
In fact we didn't have much decoration, only some on the tables and some extra lightings.
Still, when our tall tree was put up the living room felt Christmassy enough:) 

The raindrops are streaming down the window, the only snow we had was inside the glass snowball.
The girl with the skies seems very relaxed. But that's OK, now that Christmas is over:)

The modest white-green-wood theme from Christmas Eve was replaced on Christmas Day
by colourful flowers, candles and bowls
- all gifts from under the tree.

I've let the decoration linger on longer than usual this year, I'll probably let it stay till weekend.

1 comment:

  1. Ser ut til å være noen kule spisestue- stoler du har:-) Jeg har en svakhet for retro møbler, så det er inspirerende å se det hos andre:-)

    Hilsen Marte.