Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to get a fairly clean house by weekend


I've proven to be really challenged when it comes to housekeeping and organizing. I'd like a clean house come weekend as much as the next girl, but finding the time and energy to make it happen has been almost impossible.
Coming home from work on Friday afternoon knowing that a ton of housekeeping chores awaits
-knowing that whatever I want to do in the weekend I ought to be doing the cleaning instead
 - no thank you!

So what about the other days?
Thursdays and Mondays we come home late in the afternoon.
Wednesdays we're busy with my daughter's after school acticvities.
Which leaves Tuesdays for housecleaning
- I've tried that, and I do get a cleaning round done -
it's just that it doesn't last till weekend!
So then what?

What I worked out is this - don't know why didn't I think of it before :
I don't have to do it all in one go.
Do a little each day - nothing much - just a little !

Now I've made a schedule that seems to be working, and
inspired by (amongst others) Organizing made fun I've put up a schedule that goes like this:

- dust (15 )

-clean bathroom (15 min)
-change beddings (10 min)

- clean kitchen (20 min)

-empty dustbins
- vacuum (30 min)

-a simple wipedown of bathroom (5 min)

Saturday and Sunday:

Keeping in mind that for this to work we (usually just me) have to
continuously throughout the week
tidy up,
 clean kitchen after use,
 do laundry and paperwork.

I realize that not every spot of the house is freshly cleaned come weekend,
but at least it's freshly vacuumed (which is the most important)
and the rest has been done sometime during the last week
so the house will have a fairly clean feel to it on Fridays.

It's not that this is revolutionary or new thinking,
but it does work wonders in our household:)


  1. Kjempefin ide! Må sjekke ut den bloggen, jeg er alltid glad for nye tips til å rydde og organisere.

  2. Bra ideer du deler med oss!


  3. god idé og flotte bilder! Er ganske ofte det samme
    her at det blir mye rydding og vasking i helgen..
    bare tull i grunn.. her skal det også om-organiseres! ;)
    Ha en fin kveld klem hege