Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dressing up for the season

Growing children and changing seasons demand continous renewal of the wardrobe. 
My daughter is a dress up girl, birthday party season is eternal, it's spring
and May 17 (Norway's National day)
 is approaching.

It's a bit early but I've done the mistake before to wait too long,  
and then there were hardly anything left in the stores - it seems it's always the colour and the size we need that go first!

But this time we were early and she got the dress she wanted 
and we found shoes that fit her feet and go with the dress :)

My daughter is a dress up girl and she doesn't need a party to wear her dresses. 
Sometimes she wears them for some wild play, and it shows, but - hey, better wear out than rust out !  

Suddenly she'll have outgrown them any way:)

And now she is this fantastic age where she can do her hair and put on lip gloss,
and then eat ice cream in the most carefree manner - leaving it all over her face :)

Well, there has been some change over the last few months; where as earlier she got almost cross with me for telling her she's got something on her face,
now there's an - ooops! and she swiftly takes care of it.

The dress is sleeveless and ties together with a bow around the neck. Very cute!
Label How to kiss a frog Stockholm.

Kronprinsessene is also showing a girly dress today:) Check out the lovely blog here.


  1. Nydelig kjole...
    Jeg har et lignende innlegg i dag :)
    Greit å starte tidlig med antrekket til 17-mai ja!
    Fortsatt fin lørdag til deg.
    Klem May Helen

  2. Nydelig kjole, og nydelige bilder og ord:)

  3. fine kjolen... :)
    lagt meg til som følger jeg ;) Vi blogges.