Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easy for the kids

Normally my daughter's been served all of her food ready made. 
Now that she's started to be more on her own, 
like weekend mornings and sometimes an afternoon after school, 
it's practical for her to be able to make something for herself to eat.

She's got a drawer in the kitchen counter that is all hers and contain glasses, plates, bowls, bottles and so on. Also a box of cereals and a box of different band aids.
Now she has easy access to the dishes she needs.

In the fridge we've moved the things she would need if, 
for instance, making a sandwich, 
to the bottom shelf - making it easy for her to reach. 
I've also started to precut the bread - I don't want her to handle big knives on her own just yet. 

No need then, for her to stay hungry and helpless; 
all is set for her to make her own sandwiches.


  1. Smarte ideer!
    Da kan de bare forsyne seg selv ;)
    Deilig i helgene og det!

  2. Jeg er fan av disse ideer. Mine guttene liker å gjøre ting selv også. Nå i helgen som var, under vår øyene, vår seks åring har laget sin egen ommelet. Han ha fått en liten steikepane, sin egen. Har var så fornøyd!


  3. Everything looks so organized in your kitchen- motivational.