Saturday, November 19, 2011

Snowman for Christmas?

Almost two weeks since my computer blacked out and took with it a lot of my pictures as well.
So annoying!

Well, I'm finally posting again with the help of a borrowed computer and fresh pictures.

We have a crafting kit to make a snowman family - something fun for my daughter and me to make together.
We intend to produce an entire  snowman family to celebrate Christmas with us. 
Now the dad is ready.  

We got this kit before last year's Christmas.
Back then I was rather determined on how things should be done and look (I wanted it to look just like in the picture on the box) and I wanted to decide every little detail, constantly poking at how my daughter was doing.

Quite soon she had had enough - she quit!
She told me I could finish the snowman family on my own.

But what would have been the fun in that?
The snowman family kit was packed away.

So this year I'm not making that mistake again. I've learned my lesson.
We give each other slack and we help each other.
We're going to make our very own special snowman family:)

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  1. Jeg lurte på hvor du hadde blitt av. Kjedelig med pc katastrofer. Det blir sjarmerende med sikkelig hjemmelagde snømenn. Kos dere!