Monday, November 7, 2011

Ready for bed

Since my daughter and I switched bedrooms earlier this summer I haven't done much decorating wise in my bedroom. In fact it's functioned mostly as storage room - the floor full of bags and boxes with just a tiny path leading to the bed.

The ledges are remnants from the failed elevated bed project when this was my daughter's room, and I do  have plans to remove them but for now they are perfect for pictures and letters and other slim stuff.

Unfortunately the h in tonight didn't make it in time to participate in the photoshoot:)

Even though I cleared out all the mess sitting on the floor there are still a lot of cupboards and shelves in this tiny room. I haven't much hope to remove any of them any time soon as I'll still need all the storage space.

The curtains were my daughter's pink fairies curtains so I took them down. I bought roller blinds a couple of months ago, but they're still waiting to come up...
I painted the trim around the window today...  
The ceiling lamp needs to be rewired before I can connect it to the electricity.

So still a lot to do but at least now I've seen the potential of this room and hopefully that will speed things up:)
The beautiful blog nib has a challenge to show the bedroom: this really gave me a push in the right direction so a big thank you for that.  


  1. Elsker stilen din! Om keg kan si digg soverom. Og jeg liker listen, så lenge man kan sette ting på den sånn du gjør. Og ubehAndla tr: mmm. Ha en flott dag!

  2. så kjekt at du prøvde deg på stjerneoppskrifta! blei glad då eg las kommentaren din :)

    og veldig kjekt å oppdage den fine bloggen din :)

    fin kveld til deg!

  3. Senga så herlig ut=) Spesielt sengeteppet!

    God helg=)

  4. Finfint soverom, digger spesielt den rutete fargerike puta!

    Klem og en finfin søndag til deg :)

  5. Dette var da et fint soverom, det! Og - livet skal jo leves også, så man kan ikke ha det perfekt ryddig overalt til enhver tid. (Medmindre man er hjemmeværende med store barn?) Sånn er det bare med den saken. ;)

    Håper du har en fin kveld!