Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The result of not finding what you're looking for

You know when you're putting something away and you think you've found a place that you easily will remember when next you look for this thing, and when you need it again it turns out you do not remember were you placed it.
Has that ever happend to you?

And then you end up buying new stuff because you can't find the old because you don't remember where you put it last?

Well, that's happened to me quite a few times.
For instance with ginger bread cutters.

So this year I had a search - in the kitchen with kitchen stuff and in the closet with Christmas stuff and in the cupboard with crafting stuff.

And this is what I found.

I think it is enough.

Then we're all set to bake ginger bread
- just going to buy a fresh make of dough.

And if we don't bake we still have a troupe of ready made one-leggers to eat:)

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