Thursday, August 4, 2011

Working hard...?

Well, not really - most of the time I'm just thinking about it. But today I brought out the spade and garden fork to do some digging.
During summer I've bought some plants with the intentions of planting in the garden and not done anything about it until today. 

I've had this vacant place in a flowerbed just in front of the living room windows (it's the spot of bare soil between the Phlox and the weed next to the big stone) and I thought it would be perfect for a shrub. I chose a Philadelphus coronarius  (in Norwegian also duftskjærsmin). It will flower in July (hopefully next year) with white flowers and give a wonderful scent.
The info on it says it needs a sunny spot with light warm soil, and that it will grow to be 2-3 m high.
In the photo to the right the shrub has been planted and duly watered.
The weed is still there though, I'll get to that shortly - eventually.

OK, that's one down, six to go.

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