Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lamps in waiting

As I tried out different arrangements for the still lifes the other day I brought out more lamps from my collection of lamps in waiting.
I have bought several lamps both new and from second hand shops during the last couple of years.
None of them have been put to use yet.

The old ones need rewiring or different fabric or maybe a lick of paint.

The new ones  just have to be connected to the electrical system - which for me is a major obstacle as I have never done that before.

The excisting lighting in the house is either plain and boring
(as the one in the picture to the left. Each room except the living room, has one of these put up in the middle of the ceiling.) 
or just non-excisting
(as in the bathroom above the mirror and in the kitchen under the kitchen cupboards). 

So, I'll pull myself together and collect all the crafting and DIY skills I can muster, and get these lamps up and running.
They cannot stay in storage for much longer - that's for sure! 

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